Give Away Time

So in an effort to relaunch the blog and get this damn book out there. We’re doing a little promo and The Creepers will be .99c for today and tomorrow. Grab a copy now! Leave a review, hit me up on Twitter or Facebook, or just make some random comment and you can have one of five sketched in books and some nifty swag to go with it. I’ve been digging through old sketch books for inspiration lately so who knows what will make it to the empty spaces in the book. I’ve been known to draw comics in the margins of books, murdering stick figure men and all sorts of unrestrained ideas. Sometimes it’s just shapes, doodles, occasionally dicks, but that’s the beauty of sketches. I’ll start posting pictures to this post as soon as I start dumping my brain out.

Even if you already have a copy leave a review, let me know about your favorite moment or character and a hard copy can be yours. Have a sketch request? Throw that in there to. Interpretations can be a beautiful thing.


photo 3

And a taste of what might grace the pages of these wonderful print books:

photo 2 photo 1


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