I’ve been scouring the entirety of my music collection while working on book 2. Though there is one song that comes into the rotation more than any others, a song that pretty much defines what I’m going to address in the Creepers sequel. That song is Pearl Jam’s Garden it so clearly sums up a lot of the material. Give it a listen. Though it’s highly important it’s not the only song. There is another that I’d venture to say is more important, but to the Creepers as a whole not just book 2. It’s the song that will play over the trailer if it ever gets made into a film. That song is Nine Inch Nails The Day The World Went Away

Those are just two of the thousands of songs I’ve been listening to. I’m not one of those people who stay within genres. My taste runs from Meshuggah to Coheed and Cambira to Billy Joel and Johnny Cash to Maiden and Opeth to Gza and Aesop Rock to Morcheeba and damn near everything in between. I love Sam Cooke and Sarah Mclachlan. There is only one theme all the songs I like share. . . they tell stories. One could argue all songs do, but I’d say you’re crazy, some stuff is just noise.

All this thinking about music got me thinking. What do you write to? I know some of you don’t listen to anything when you write and I do not envy you, it must be maddening. I need noise to find direction. I need noise to draw up some of those emotions. Which is really what I’m using the music for when I write. Songs help me tap specific emotions. I need sad, I know I can drum up Flogging Molly’s Us of Lesser Gods One of my favorite songs ever, just saying.

Sometimes I find myself listening to word bending hip hop like Atmosphere, Gza, and Aesop Rock to help knock my brain loose. They help me find better sentence structure. And if I need to feel fucking bleak I listen to Pearl Jam’s Indiffernce a song that helped give Bobby’s story life. Kind of funny that two Pearl Jam songs played a big part in the Creepers cycle. I’d put PJ in my top 20 but they are not my favorite. But those two songs are just amazing.

So hit me up on Twitter @normandixonjr and let me know what songs you create to and why. I’m always on the look out for new music.


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