Big Things

As I sit down to type this I realize I’ve become what 99% of all bloggers become, and that is, one who stops blogging. I only had one post in February. This is my first post in a month. I should feel like a slacker, lazy, and uninspired. I don’t. Behind the scenes a lot of things have been going on, big things, life changing things, and a lot of solid writing on top of that.

The Creepers was picked up by Permuted Press for publication. You read that last sentence right. It’s official, legit, whatever you want to call it. The ebook will still be available but the paperback will go through another edit and be released early next year. But that’s not all. As many of you know I’ve been working on book 2 and book 3, well they’re coming by of Permuted Press as well. More details to follow as they come about.

I’m not really sure how I feel. I mean I’m excited and happy, but now that what I’ve dreamed about, worked towards, now that the moment is here I don’t know how to feel. All I want to do is keep writing, keep telling stories, and now that the Creepers is part of Permuted Press I can do just that. Book 2 is a third of the way through and is shaping up to be about the same length as book 1. Bobby’s story picks up right where it left off, but there are whole new cast of characters as well. Their stories run along side Bobby’s and they lend some insight into things only hinted about in book 1. A lot of this I’ve touched on in previous blogs but now it takes on a whole new dimension.

I have deadlines now. Still hasn’t sunken in yet but it’s an amazing thing. For so long it was that rung I couldn’t reach and now that that burden is lifted I feel it has opened up a lot of creative avenues. So expect to see a lot of things, big things coming down the pipeline over the next couple of years. First The Creepers trilogy, the reworked Sage and Jorah series, and Argyle City which is looking to be a 68 page graphic novel.

I can’t thank all of you enough. All the support, the retweets, the reviews. Writers keep writing.


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