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Two Stories

Posted in The Creepers on February 7, 2013 by normandixon

Those of you that follow me on Twitter have seen my posts lately about having, potentially, two books in all this Creepers material I’m working on. Well it’s true, but I just didn’t know what kind of books until now. The obvious first is a direct sequel to the Creepers which picks up a few days after the first book ends. The other, which I was originally trying to weave into the sequel, turned into a plot much deeper and requiring much more space, and it isn’t fair to the characters to try and cram them into the second book.

Thus came about a third Creepers book. I never intended the story to go beyond one book. I wanted it contained, a one shot, but the characters were too much fun to write. Especially now, so many years removed from the ZA. There is a whole world that has zombies still, and they are a threat, but their time is winding down. Now we get to see what comes out after the rains pass. I assure you it’s going to be a shocking, gut-wrenching ride. There is a lot of work left for Bobby to do and a lot of coping with his world.

I’ve also been in the process of working on another series but that is taking a back burner at the moment because the Creepers is on my brain. Also life, as it tends to do, got in the way of art, so I’ve been dealing with a lot of changes at work. While they may end up benefitting me I can’t say that I welcome them. I know they will take time away from my art and the thought of it looming ahead of me is down right soul torching. I was never meant for this kind of work and it saddens me that I’ve allowed myself to become trapped. I’m trying to write my way out one word at a time. That’s all we can do as writers is empty that refuse onto the page and leave it there.

Just got a submission in today of myself as a zombie. It about sums up how I feel right now, but no need to fret Creepers fans I’ll put this stress on the page and mask it in fiction as every good writer should. My pressures will become your worry for the characters. I can promise you not all of them will make out alive, but at the end of the day do any of us?