The Contest

I’ve been thinking about doing a contest for awhile now. And after the success of the holiday season and all the positive reviews, I think it’s about time to make that happen. I have some nifty paperback copies of the Creepers laying around and I want to sign them and draw in them. I can’t stand blank pages, they are just begging to get scribbled In. I’ve never attempted anything like this before but it should be fun. So, I have 5 copies in all, ready for defacing. That means the top five submissions, as picked by me, will receive a signed copy. If the submissions are absolutely overwhelming I may stretch that to the top ten.

Submissions you ask. Yes, submissions. I want to see your artwork. It can be any size, any medium, traditional or digital or both. It either has to be zombie themed or Creepers related. It can be your favorite characters from the book, a nasty Creeper. Any rotting member of the undead will suffice.

The prize: 1 autographed copy of the Creepers with a sketch by yours truly. I’m thinking maybe Ol’Randy, a few zombies, maybe a Yannek and Bobby, and maybe even a concept sketch of a character from book 2. I dunno yet but I promise the sketch won’t suck. Those of you that have read the book I urge you to do something book themed. I want to see your interpretations of the characters.

The fine print: the contest will run from January 7th until Valentine’s day, that’s February 14th. All submissions must be in jpg format. Send your submissions pasted into your email NO ATTACHMENTS. One submission per person. Include in the email who you want the book signed for or if you’d prefer just the autograph. Also include the address you want it shipped to. I will ship overseas. You have all shown your support and I want to show mine. Once all submissions have been sent I will take a week to evaluate and then I’ll post a blog showcasing the artwork.

To be eligible, like my author page on amazon. Send me a tweet @normandixonjr let me know you’ve sent your submission. All submissions must be sent to

That’s it. I look forward to seeing some kick ass artwork. I know there are plenty of worthy artists out there, so bring your A-Game. Now I need to get back to writing I made a commitment to you all.

Thanks for all your support.



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