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So much going on in the past week. The paperback is now available from createspace and through amazon, check the link on the right. It feels good to finally have the Creepers truly done, though that statement is a bit of a misnomer, because the larger part of that world is still being written, and in a lot of ways, imagined. When I set out to write the Creepers, which started as a simple 3500 word short story, all I had was that first chapter. I had this image of the Folks and these children, these outsiders in mind my head. There was a lot of thoughts about alienation, but their, Bobby and Ryan’s, story was very much contained. I guess what I mean by all that above is … well, I never intended to write another Creepers story, but in the back of my mind something much greater than I originally imagined started to take shape.

Those of you that have finished the book, know that after the rush of the first third of the book, the middle picks up with Ol Randy’s notebook. I wrote that entire chapter in one sitting. It is raw and it’s never been edited. How it is on your kindle or in your hands is how it was written, and it is my favorite thing I’ve ever written. Other than the characters none of that was plotted before hand. It just happened. It was, at that point, the world of the Creepers really started to take shape. Flash forward to a few weeks ago, having just re-read the book for the paperback version, the world opened up. Suddenly, it just wasn’t about Bobby anymore, there were more stories to be told. There were nearly 20k words I cut from the original, other ideas I simply could not fit into the first book. So many questions about Baylor, about the strange signals Jamie hears in the epilogue, and what about those that grew up after, like Bobby? What about those that weren’t as lucky as Bobby? Well those questions are going to be answered in book 2, and light will be shed on things mentioned in the Creepers.

I am rambling a bit here, but bear with me, there is a reason. Never discount your characters, not even the most minor, most background character, keep them in mind always. There is a character that is mentioned in Ol’ Randy’s notebook that I never forgot. Howard, Doc Danielson’s son, I’m sure most of you have forgotten him, but there’s a massive story there and I can’t wait to share it with you all. Hopefully by the end of the year you’ll have that story in your hands, but I can’t promise anything yet. But those of you that have read the book know I will not nickel and dime you with some bullshit, terribly short, prepper fantasy with zombies, the Creepers is so much more than that. It is rapid evolution, it is gut wrenching, and it is desperation. Thank you all so much for your support, for your reviews, your tweets, thank you. I would love to hear from you through Facebook, twitter, or here. I promise I won’t bite and I won’t forget about Bobby either he’ll play a major role in book 2.

Thanks for reading!


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