Book 2 in the works.

While I’ve been working on promoting the Creepers the second book started to fall into place.  There is a ton of material that didn’t make it into the first book and I don’t feel comfortable leaving it behind.  Neither does Bobby.  I plan to have it out late 2013.  I know that seems like awhile away but in the meantime my Sci-Fi/Urban Fantasy series will debut sometime in march.  It will change the way you look at the genre.  It has sex, comedy, evolution, and one fat ass cat.  The Sage and Jorah series deals with everyone’s favorite things from vamps to zombies to aliens but in a very different way.  I think even fans of the Creepers will be intrigued once they set foot in Sage and Jorah’s world.

Right now I’m working on a million things.  I’m finishing up the cleanup work on the paperback version of the Creepers, which in turn will lead to a revised digital edition, I’m also designing a tattoo for a dear friend, trying to figure out a good cover concept for the Sage and Jorah series, and trying to be a great father and husband. And actually squeeze in time to start writing book 2 of the Creepers. Also I’m starting to plan for a book signing in Savannah, GA once I get the paperback rolling.  Now that I write that all out and think about work on Wednesday I feel faint.


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