Author Blindness

While I haven’t found many errors during this final pick through, I have found some glaring ones. As authors we need editors. I know it’s hard and costly but we need editors. Have a friend pick through for you if you can, and if you must go it alone, like me, approach it from different directions. Your brain is an asshole when it comes to editing. That pesky gray matter will make you think you see things that aren’t there, or it will arrange words in proper order, but in reality you were having a moment of dyslexia. And even upon a read through at a later time, that demon between your ears will thwart your editing prowess yet again. A couple of tips to help.

1: Don’t finish your work and immediately edit it. Wait a bit and then attack the pages in a random order.

2: If you can afford those fancy editing services go for it. Some of them can be nearly two thousand dollars for long manuscripts but very much worth it.

3: Pay a friend. Nothing motivates a procrastinator like some cash.

4: There is no need to rush. Take your time and make it right before submitting, self publishing. It is a lot easier to correct mistakes early rather than late.

5: Start getting used to new formats and use those templates before starting. I can’t stress this one enough. I’ve been in the world of literary agents and dinosaur publishing requirements too long. You do not need two spaces after a period any longer. You do not need unnecessary carriage returns or double spacing. We use many different devices to read these days, so know where you’ll be publishing and format accordingly.


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